Your future is smart

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...is the slogan under which training at smart and more is conducted. The promotion of young people is particularly important to us. Even if you start small at the beginning, like all of us, you will grow with and for our agency. Our common goal is always in sight during your training: Provided that circumstances do not change, we want to offer you a perspective after you have passed your exams and take you on as a full member of our team. Our concept – to grow organically – and our commitment to the future are proven by a success rate of 98%. We are all very proud of this.

Our trainees would like to give you an insight into the training at "sam" on this page. Because we all know how varied the training opportunities are today and how difficult it is for you to find the right job. smart and more has been training event managers for over 12 years.

Convince yourself, have a look around or just call us!

Maybe we can soon be your training partner.

General Manager



Bea Hinsch

What distinguishes smart and more for you?


For me, smart and more is a big family that supports each other, has fun together and is always working on getting better. I think it's great how people work on efficiency and environmental protection projects.

Markus Tanneberg

What made you decide to become an IT systems specialist?

Like father, like son. He gave me a lot of insights at an early stage and my internships made my choice to become an IT systems management assistant clear.

Michelle Hermann

Why did you choose
smart and more?

The professionalism of smart and more became clear immediately after the first look at the website. In addition, as a full-service agency, sam covers all areas of the industry, so I can be trained here in many ways. When I got to know the agency and the faces behind it personally, the decision for sam was made quickly.

Maja Bratic

What has been your "magic moment" so far?

My magic moment was our kick-off 2019, where I got to know the team for the first time in a more personal environment and noticed that the colleagues also enjoy spending time together in private. A humorous way of dealing with each other leads to a direct feeling of well-being.

Maria Rentzsch

DWhat is your personal goal during your training at smart and more?

To learn how to stand out from the crowd and try to find out what my special skill and my passion is. That means getting to know my own strengths and weaknesses better and then knowing what I can do with them.

Kristina Reitz

Why did you choose
smart and more?

At smart and more I already felt comfortable and welcome after the job interview. This was confirmed once again when I started training.
I have the feeling that every employee is seen as an important part of the company and that trainees in particular are involved and encouraged as much as possible.


We put our heart and soul into the diversified training of our event and IT system administrators, who are our project managers of tomorrow.

Initially, as an event management assistant, you will learn the basic tasks of how customer enquiries are received correctly and how suitable locations or suitable service providers are researched throughout Europe. Afterwards you will be familiarized with how the seminars, conferences, anniversaries or corporate events are realized. Furthermore, you will be responsible for the preparation of data and the compilation of various seminar documents.

As an IT systems management assistant, you will also start with an introduction to project work and examine virtual customer wishes in the area of events. For all project management tasks, you will access the latest digital technologies developed by our sister company MICECLOUD Solutions.