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...is the slogan under which training at smart and more is conducted. The promotion of young people is particularly important to us. Even if you start small at the beginning, like all of us, you will grow with and for our agency. Our common goal is always in sight during your training: Provided that circumstances do not change, we want to offer you a perspective after you have passed your exams and take you on as a full member of our team. Our concept – to grow organically – and our commitment to the future are proven by a success rate of 98%. We are all very proud of this.

Our trainees would like to give you an insight into the training at "sam" on this page. Because we all know how varied the training opportunities are today and how difficult it is for you to find the right job. smart and more has been training event managers for over 12 years.

Convince yourself, have a look around or just call us!

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Caroline Wittek 


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Finn von Hofacker

What distinguishes smart and more for you?


For me, the special thing about smart and more is clearly the team atmosphere. I like working at a place where I can call my colleagues my friends. At the same time, smart and more is the perfect opportunity for me to get to know many areas of the event industry during my training.

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Lale Daban

What has been your "magic moment" so far?

My first customer event in 2019, which I was allowed to accompany on site.
Let the magic happen - seeing all the months of planning come to life in the implementation and with all the happy guests was a great experience.

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Paulina Dörgeloh

What distinguishes smart and more for you?

At smart and more, even as a trainee you have the chance to work independently and at the same time you never feel left alone. Ideas are gratefully accepted, everyone supports each other. We have a young and dynamic team. Even during my interview, I had the feeling that you don't have to pretend and that you have a relaxed and familiar relationship with your colleagues.

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Pierre Müller

Why did you choose smart and more?

During my interviews, it quickly became clear to me that the training of new employees is not a marginal issue, but a central part of the company's identity. I was shown a clear concept and they are proud that former trainees now make up the majority of the workforce and shape the core of smart and more. These qualities, coupled with the versatility of my activities during my training as an office management assistant, made my decision easy.


What makes you decide to do an apprenticeship at smart and more?

Find your Magic Moment and a lot of new experiences!
We are waiting for YOU!

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Aron Reichardt

What distinguishes smart and more for you?

smart and more offers comprehensive training with many opportunities for further education. Even as an apprentice, you can take on responsible tasks and make a noticeable contribution to the team. Great importance is also attached to a pleasant working atmosphere, the good mood and motivation ensure a nice togetherness and, of course, good service.


We put our heart and soul into the diversified training of our event and IT system administrators, who are our project managers of tomorrow.

Initially, as an event management assistant, you will learn the basic tasks of how customer enquiries are received correctly and how suitable locations or suitable service providers are researched throughout Europe. Afterwards you will be familiarized with how the seminars, conferences, anniversaries or corporate events are realized. Furthermore, you will be responsible for the preparation of data and the compilation of various seminar documents.

As an IT systems management assistant, you will also start with an introduction to project work and examine virtual customer wishes in the area of events. For all project management tasks, you will access the latest digital technologies developed by our sister company MICECLOUD Solutions.

The more ...

... the merrier!

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Maja Bratic

Education as an Eventmanager

completed summer 2021

Markus (2).jpg

Markus Tanneberger

Education as an IT Systems Management Assistant

completed summer 2021

Kristina (1).jpg

Kristina Reitz

Education as an Eventmanager

completed winter 2021

Bea (1).jpg

Bea Hinsch

Education as an Eventmanager

completed winter 2021

Michelle (1).jpg

Michelle Herrmann

Education as an Eventmanager

completed winter 2021

Johanna (2).jpg

Johanna Lippke

Education as an Eventmanager

completed winter 2020

Svenja (1).jpg

Svenja Tiedemann

Education as an Eventmanager

completed winter 2020

Alina (1).jpg

Alina Bunge

Education as an Eventmanager

completed winter 2019

Julia (1).jpg

Julia Schönert

Education as an Eventmanager

completed winter 2019

Chris (1).jpg

Christoph Ickels

Education as an Eventmanager

completed winter 2018

Caro (1).jpg

Caroline Wittek

Education as an Eventmanager

completed winter 2015